Aveos CMS Project

St-Laurent Techno-Parc

Montréal, Québec

Architectural Drawings (pdf)

Invited by Aveos to join their CMS project design-build team, Grenier + Richards’ mandate was to assist with the “Fast Track” creation of a new aircraft maintenance facility.  The plan comprised shops and test rig areas for fuel, hydraulics, pneumatics, IDG, machining, electrics, and avionics, with all of their related sub-areas & required mezzanines. New washrooms and locker rooms were also created. Services included surveying all existing shops and test rigs at the Air Canada base, and establishing design criteria for each new area. We also provided all architectural services related to the design, working drawings, coordination and site supervision. We interfaced directly with the client’s engineering group, the Building Code and acoustic consultants and assisted the project manager in the coordination of the design team.